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Vertical Farming

Vertical farming is an Israeli farming technique. You will be surprised to know that with this technique you can get 10-12 acres of production from only 1 acre and earn handsomely (profit in Vertical Farming) from turmeric cultivation as well as exotic vegetables. Profitable Business Idea: It is estimated that by 2050 India’s population will reach 1.64 billion and feeding such a huge population is going to be a challenge. Due to urbanization & industrialization, we are losing arable land every day.

Going by this scenario, that day is not very far when fruits & vegetables will be grown in factories instead of fields. With this, a new type of Israeli technology is getting popular in developed countries. This is called vertical farming. That is, farming in many layers, but not on the ground, above the ground. While field and greenhouse takes space, this alternative saves it. You can even do this farming on barren land. Vertical farming requires drip irrigation.

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